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Basic information to know before using the Jokes API
This API requires an API key to be sent along with your requests: Get yours by creating an account
All jokes are only available in french for the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We are hard working for create a translation
Different methods exist to have jokes, currently there are three and here they are:
  • Random Jokes: You can only choose which category of joke you do not want to have
  • Jokes by category: You will receive only the jokes of which you indicated the category
  • Jokes by ID: You will receive the jokes of which you indicate the ID
Here is an example of what each method returns
"status": 200, //The status allows to know if the joke was found or not
"content": {
"id": 44, // The unique identifier
"type": "global", // The category of the joke
"blague": "Que dit un canard quand il va aux toilettes ?", // The joke
"reponse": "Je vais au petit coin." // The answer
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